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The Fonda is an oversized round Windsor frame evokes the classic bohemian stylings of poets, rockers, and writers from the late ’60s and early ’70s. Available with gradient and mirrored lenses.


For å holde deg oppdatert på når nye modeller kommer inn kan du melde deg på nyhetsbrevet vårt HER og følge oss på Instagram.

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Janis Joplin's greatest hits album cover

Janis Joplin

American singer-songwriter

Big round sunglasses was a part of the iconic hippie look which Janis Joplin was a part of creating. Let yourself loose with the Fonda and embrace the idea of being young, wild and free.

“Don’t compromise yourself»
-Janis Joplin

The Fonda Theatre is nothing if not adaptable. During its nearly 100-year history, it’s been an illegal revue, a concert hall, a venue for staged plays, and a radio broadcasting studio. The venue can hold up to 1,350 people and can also accommodate non-music events such as award ceremonies, film screenings, video shoots, private parties and dinners.

The Fonda Theater

Los Angeles, California

Garrett Leight California Optical was created in 2010. Based in Los Angeles, they combine good craftmanship with timeless aesthetics. GLCO frames are inspired by the people, places and stories of Claifornia. One important value for GLCO is to manufature eyewear ethically and at a fair price without sacrificing quality.


Garrett Leight only utilize the most exlusive and highest quality materials from the best suppliers in the eyewear industry. They use mineral glass and scratch-resistant CR-39 plastic lenses, both with anti-reflective coating to give the eyes the best protection and visual clarity.


Reinvention is a key word to describe the shapes which GLCO goes for. By looking at classic shapes with a modern lens, they redefine iconic silhouettes with contemporary fashions. These types of glasses have stood the test og time and will never go out of style.