Lake Cameo

6 200 kr

Cultivate your inner femme fatale in uniquely shaped spectacles that embrace the glory days of golden Hollywood and the glamorous vamping of actress Veronica Lake whose sultry sophistication took her to the next level and whose streak of independence had her branded a rebel.

– Handmade in Japan
– 10mm Polished clear pink cured cellulose acetate frame
– Rose CR39, 2 base lenses w/backside anti-reflective treatment
– Lt. gold signature arrowhead front pin
– Lt. gold custom hairline engraved wire core design
– Lt. gold tension-secured custom hinge with spur-shaped rivets
– Domed 3D metal cameo logo

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– Handcrafted leather case
– Microfiber cleaning cloth/pocket square
– Hard-shelled, silk fabric-covered packaging
– Letterhead press certificate with limited edition serial number and craftsmen signature