Florence – Plated Brass 18 ct Gold

1050 kr

Brass chain plated with 1 micron 18ct gold.
Lobster clasps and replaceable rubber loops.
72 cm / 11 gr.

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With its lightweight look featuring 18 carat gold plating, our gold string is named after the city of Florence. A city known for its culture, renaissance and architecture, which has influenced the Florence strings timeless look. This chic piece is the perfect match for all types of eyewear and personal style.

Studio Belle-Soeur is French for sister-in-law and pronounced bɛl.sœʁ. Founded in Copenhagen and is a  family based business established in 2018 by the sisters-in-law Stephanie Bach and Emilie Bach. The idea of Studio Belle-Soeur came is creating a product and brand with passion for aesthetic design and details. The first product was launched in the Summer of 2019. This was The Belle-Soeur eyewear string. With a desire to reinvent the eyewear string as we knew it and introduce a new fashion statement piece to women all over the world. Like the sisters these eyewear strings are perfect for women who like versatility and duality in their accessories and jewelries.

Since launching, Studio Belle-Soeur has expanded steadily and sustainably. This by including products that capture their passion for aesthetic design and details within accessories and interior. Their product portfolio now consists of a number of their own products, and they also have a passion for other brands products. In their daily lives and on travels they have carefully curated products from other brands they love.