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Contact Lenses


Here at Briskeby Optikk we offer contact lenses that cover all your needs – from daily disposables to montly. We work with the best products from the most well known brands to ensure we find the best fit for your eyes. Our aim is to provide you with the most optimal contact lenses based on your needs and your lifestyle.

A Lens Fitting Appointment requires an updated Eye Exam. We teach you important Lens Care, Lens Handling and how to best use your contact lens. Trial Lenses are free until we find a lens that fits your eyes and that you are happy with. This also includes follow-up appointments to ensure that the lens is right for you.

After the Contact Lens Fitting, we recommend booking annual Contact Lens Consultations. This includes a full Eye Exam and Contact Lens Assessment to ensure that the Contact Lenses still work safely and comfortably for you.

We also fit Contact Lenses for children both for full time use and for leisure activities, depending on need and lifestyle.

Briskeby Optikk offers a wide selection of Multifocal Contact Lenses for patients who require better vision both at a distance and up close, or just as an alternative to their spectacles.

We offer Contact Lenses for the following brands: Alcon, Baush & Lomb, CooperVision, Johnson & Johnson and VisionCare.

Order Contact Lenses Online

In our online store you can easily find and order your contact lenses. Do not hesitate to call us or come by our store if you need any help.

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